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              Specializing in the production of various differentials, transmissions, transfer cases, independent suspension front and rear drive axles HUAXIN MACHINERY

              Differential Mechanism

              Composed of planetary gears, planetary gear carrier (differential housing), half shaft gears and other parts


              It can change the transmission ratio and expand the role of driving wheel torque and speed

              Transfer Case

              A device that distributes the power of the engine, which can output the power to the front/rear axles


              There are mechanical elements on the wheel flange that can continuously mesh and transmit motion and power.

              Front And Rear Axle Assembly

              It is a collection of various drive shaft related parts

              Laser Cutting

              Use high energy density laser beam to heat the workpiece

              ABOUT HUAXIN

              Wenling Huaxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Shangmo Industrial Zone, Xinhe Town, Wenling City, on the eastern coast of Zhejiang. Founded in 1991, the company mainly produces SUV, ATV, UTV, full-time, time-sharing, timely, four-wheel drive independent suspension drive front and rear axle assemblies, transfer case assembly, rear-mounted variable speed drive rear axle assembly, Electric vehicle reducer, transmission, differential assembly, various mechanical self-locking, electronic and electronic control differential lock assembly, differential housing, axle gear...