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              What's wrong with the leakage of electric car differential

              What's wrong with the leakage of the differential of an electric car? Huaxin Machinery is the first choice for electric vehicle differentials 1. More than 90% of the reasons for gearbox oil leakage are caused by the aging of the seals (oil seals)! Seals (oil seals) will harden over time, that is, they lose plasticizer over time. This process is ... Read More

              What is a car gearbox

              Automobile gearboxes, as the name suggests, are gearboxes (transmissions). The transmission is one of the most important components in the automobile driveline. Its role is: 1. Change the speed of the car and the torque on the driving wheels of the car in a larger range. Due to the different driving conditions of the car, the driving speed and driving ... Read More

              The working principle of electric vehicle differential

              When the car turns, the wheels spin at different speeds. In the animation below, you can see that when turning, the distance traveled by each wheel is not equal, that is, the distance traveled by the inner wheel is shorter than the distance traveled by the outer wheel. Because the speed of the car is equal to the distance traveled ... Read More