• David Smeltz

Living My Second Life

Playing in The I-tal Reggae Band (1980).

Who'd have believed I'd be recording and playing music again?! Years of substance abuse nearly knocked me out for the count. Permanently! It had gotten to the point that the use of drugs and alcohol were no longer options but necessities. By 1997 I had stopped playing and recording music. I had gotten married and brought my addiction into the marriage all the while attempting to control something that was already out of control. When I finally made it to treatment (and divorced) I was told to focus on my recovery which I

continue to make a priority in my life to this day. I had started one of the first and most successful American Reggae bands in the country and now I was homeless and living in a treatment center. That was April 20, 2001 which is my sober date. My first day sober after decades of drug and alcohol abuse. Today I find myself an author, releasing my first solo CD, playing without the assist of mood and mind altering substances and sitting here writing a blog for my new website. You can't get here from there without help (Spiritual and Physical)..LOTS OF HELP! And for this I am truly grateful.

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