• David Smeltz


The month of November has been traditionally referred to as "Gratitude Month" in recovery circles. Of course, gratitude should be a daily recognition for the many blessings we've been afforded. Sometimes we can get so caught up in "self" and personal trivialities that we forget how truly awesome it is to be alive. It appears to take one whole month out of 12 for me to regain my perspective and fill up for the next 11 months! Gratitude is an action word. I show my gratitude by the giving of myself. In other words, by practicing humility and getting out of "self" to help others and community. For me, the month of November brings it all back into focus. Why am I here? To be of service. Whether through music or by sharing my experience by staying clean and sober one day at a time. We all have something to offer. By being a vessel we allow ourselves to be emptied of potential assistance into anothers life only to be refilled with the awesome feeling of being useful to our fellow humans. That, in turn, refills our vessel again in order to be emptied once more. It's all reciprocal. Everything is constantly moving and in flux even if we can't see it. To stop the flow is to dam (or damn) life. And, that restriction supports our self centered and selfish outlook until , yet again, we can release a build up of potential love and service. So, our Attitude is our Gratitude. And, with this Attitude; we cannot fail!

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