• David Smeltz

A Checkup from the Neck Up

Does the world and all of its inhabitants suck again? If so, then just maybe I need to check in on my thinking! Impatience, blame, anxiety and anger usually signal restlessness and irritability in me. “Normal” people can indulge in self righteous and self justified thoughts and actions. I, however, am not a normal thinker. Having poisoned my thought processes by the abuse of drugs and alcohol for years, my automatic reactions usually favor defending my ego and/or self esteem by attempting to change reality rather than change my thinking. Simply said, my thoughts make up my subjective reality. Sometimes my thoughts line up with reality which suckers me into believing that everything I think is true. For example: If I believe I can always read what people are thinking by their facial expressions or body movements then I‘m being delusional. Just because someones mouth is twisted into a frown doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like or may disagree with me. It could mean they just have gas! Responding to my incorrect perception of things with inappropriate actions has gotten me into jackpots more than once. So, it is imperative that I inventory what’s going on in my head from time to time. Especially if I’m cranky. It’s not so much the person or situation that causes my dissatisfaction. It is my response to that person or situation. I most certainly have the right to disagree with someone’s behavior, but, how I react or respond to their behavior can either give them power over me or grant me self governance.The latter of the two allows me to place the power in my hands. We have all heard about people renting space in our heads. That is because we allow them to do so. Currently, there is a person renting a whole bunch of space in our nations collective consciousness. Can I respond rationally or react with volitile indignation with the mere mention of his name? Today, I vow to take control of my thoughts instead of permitting my thoughts to control me. In order to do so; it’s imperative to be still and check in on myself from time to time. Being routinely consigned to automatic pilot maintains a linear approach to life. Not recognizing the inherent twists and turns on my path almost certainly guarantees an eventual crash. Just ”thought” I’d share. 😂

Still Grateful!! Carry on! ✌🏽😎

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