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The sun is shining through my bedroom window. It’s quiet, peaceful, and I can faintly hear the waves of the lake washing up against the rocks of the shoreline. A much different vibe than New Years Eve 2020/2021 when all I heard was automatic gun fire and fireworks going off. Quite the contrast. Now is the perfect time to share my currents of events.

It is more difficult to swallow as of late. I have to really concentrate on eating more slowly and not stuffing my face like I had become accustomed to. Thick secretions in my lungs have me clearing my throat and coughing often. Add shortness of breath and you can imagine what it’s like trying to sing. I might start using a spittoon while recording..lol...just kidding...TMI, probably.

I went to Orthopedics last Monday. I had three Trigger fingers. My middle finger on my left hand and little and ring finger on my right. I had to use two hands to turn doorknobs and both hands were very painful. I wasn’t playing much guitar, that’s for sure! They juiced me up with some cortisone shots. Ouch!!! Fortunately, my fingers are starting to move a little more freely without sticking in one position. Guitar playing has become much more enjoyable! I had an appointment with the Neurologist on Thursday. He did some tests and told me the neuropathies in both hands and feet are worsening. I already knew that without testing though. He performed an in-depth examination. When completed he stated he wanted bloodwork to rule out Myastenia Gravis! What the heck??? I got the results back and they were negative. But, there’s a 6-12% chance positivity even if the results are negative (as per the fine print). I ain’t claiming it! Friday morning I met with a Palliatve Care doctor. The main focus is to come up with ways to support and improve my activities of daily living. The jury is still out but I’m keeping an open mind. Yesterday, I had my second screening visit for the research study at Cleveland Clinic. My first infusion is scheduled for January 25th, Yay!!! One Day At A Time is not just a saying for me. It’s a way life which I apply to all circumstances and situations. I have to. Otherwise, the load would be too heavy to carry. I’m fortunate to have two loving daughters, including one fiancé and one boyfriend (theirs, not mine). Both are good dudes. I have friends who are feeding my body and my soul . I remain grateful and continue to learn and practice how to receive graciously. I am of sober mind and thankful daily for this gift of sobriety. All is well, my friends..Peace.....

✌🏽😎 ☮️

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