• David Smeltz

Did ya miss me?

It's been a few minutes since I last blogged anything. I've pretty much been living life on life's terms as usual. The change in seasons allows some retrospective thought for me. I believe we all have internal seasonal changes. I've been watching the trees change colors and I'm gradually accepting the cooler temps in the evening hours. Summer was very active and exciting. I was able to play a lot of music with talented friends which I absolutely love to do. Fall grants me an opportunity to slow down and regroup. I'm writing and recording this fall and over the winter. There'll be another CD out by the beginning of summer 2020 (at least, that's the goal). It's a week away from my being honored by fellow musical peers and friends. My daughters are driving up from South Carolina for the event. I think back and wonder how I ever got to this place in time. There was a day when I never thought I'd see my daughters again let alone be honored and appreciated. It means so very much to me that they're driving up to be by my side. I can't begin to tell you what that means to me. How did I get from there to here? To think, all I wanted to do was to stay sober, see my daughters again someday and not be an a--hole. I've received so much more than that! I keep telling people that when I was selected to be celebrated and honored I went to my doctor to see if you guys knew something that I didn't! After years of living self defeating actions and negative thought patterns my mind still tries to put a negative spin on the positive. I've learned to live a more positive lifestyle and to incorporate positive actions along with it. Repetition helps make it better but not perfect. It's constant work which fights against deep rooted low vibratory beliefs. So, I continue to work on me by raising my vibes to resonate with the good intended for me. Meditation, Prayer, Positive Affirmation, Being of Service to Others and Daily Reflection are key Spiritual Tools I use to work on my "self". Finally, I believe there is truly good in the world and it's available to all of us. Just acknowledging the possibility of goodness helped to decrease my often cynical attitude. When we change; so does our subjective view of the world. My world is changing. And for this, I continue to be so very, very grateful! See you November 10th, 2019 at The Beachland Ballroom in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio!!

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