• David Smeltz

From Gimme Mine to Peace of Mind

I'm a firm believer that my presence and limited lifetime upon this thing called Earth is to share my Experience, Strength and Hope with all that are feeling lost, misdirected or as hopeless as I once felt. And, of course, to anyone merely interested. It would be selfish of me not to share what I've learned from others, with others. In order to live a happy, satisfactory and fulfilling life I had to first put down drugs and alcohol. I've previously written about the path I've taken and the process required for my successful surrender to mood and mind altering substances. But, what do I do daily to maintain some semblance of sanity and joy in a world that is not conducive to mental balance and happiness? How do I walk on the midway of this carnival without investing in every game of chance which beckons from my right and my left? In other words, how do I not get caught up in this worldly material crap of unhealthy distractions that the masses feast upon?! I do not claim to be any kind of Guru and I am certainly not professing that what I've found is the ONLY way to discover serenity and peace. I am saying that the subsequent blogging I'll be doing is based upon my past and current exploration, execution and experience; not hearsay. I can only share what I've learned and not what I have yet to learn. My learning will never cease until this body is deceased. So, when on my deathbed, I'd much rather be content and free instead of worrying about who will be driving the U-Haul that's loaded with all my accumulated possessions which will follow the hearse to my final resting place. While also, vigorously concocting a plan to get all my stuff from the U-Haul into the grave with me!

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