• David Smeltz

Healing Time

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Today is the first day that I am able to cough and sneeze without intense pain on the left side of my chest..Yay!! It certainly seems like a milestone to me. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever be free of pain. I'm able to sleep all night as well. I've learned that there is no comfortable position while supine when nursing broken ribs. I'm cutting back on my six Tylenol and two Neurontin per day. There was a time when that would alleviate the pain just enough to perform daily activities. I'm Healing and Happy! One very important adjunct to my healing has been supplied by an old friend, Anne Kinchen. I've been running across "old friends" like crazy lately! It's all in alignment! Annie is a medically licensed Acupuncturist. She most graciously hooked me up with some acupuncture, laser treatment and hot packs which have helped expedite the healing process. I am forever grateful to be reintroduced to my friend and share memories from 40 years ago. We both are so fortunate to be here at this moment in time and to have learned from life's experiences. I believe that everything that is supposed to happen will happen for our good. Our karma makes sure that what's not supposed to happen will not happen as well. I continue to claim that I do not know what is bad or good for me in the long run. The more we're open to the natural flow of things the more naturally things flow. In my opinion, Lao Tzu knew what he was talking about! There are times when the universe slows me down and forces surrender to my plans and all my little designs long enough to allow myself to be guided toward what's best for me rather than clawing my way to get it. This is one of those times. I surrender to this Healing Time. And, Yes! I am grateful for all the love I've been afforded and for everything expressing itself in Divine Order and Abundance!


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