• David Smeltz

In Short: The Current Situation

I’m currently reclining in a hospital bed at the Cleveland Clinic. I was admitted via EMS on Sunday. Today is Wednesday and I will be discharged to my home tomorrow. On Sunday, once again, my chest felt as though an elephant was seated upon it! Mind you, I was just recently admitted to the Clinic much of the week of August 23, 2020. Honestly, I did not want to call EMS. I was ready to drive myself to the ER and that was only after an hour or so of deliberation of whether the pain was worthy enough for a trip to the hospital in the rain. It’s a guy thing; similar to refusing to ask for directions. It was highly suggested I call EMS because the paramedics could stabilize me if need be. That’s precisely what happened. I have an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” button at home so I opted to use it for the first time. EMS arrived and my pride had me walking to the ambulance. I couldn’t ascend the two steps to enter the truck without assist though. So much for appearing to have it all together. Once inside I was placed supine upon the gurney. My chest now felt like an elephant and it’s mother were seated and playing Spades on my chest! An IV line was established and multiple EKG readings taken. Based upon the readings, I was given about four baby aspirin and sublingual nitroglycerin. The EMS ride, aspirin and nitro were all firsts for me. Once in the ER it was established that the inflammation and effusion surrounding my heart had returned. This was the same diagnosis I had on my previous visit a week or so prior to returning. I would have to be placed on meds for an extended duration at home after discharge this time. That’s where we’re at right now. I was told that there was no promise that this same scenario wouldn’t happen again. Fortunately, I have the ICD implant to assist with any kind of sudden heart stoppage. While the pain was going on I kept wondering if this thing was going to fire off a burst of electricity or not. I don’t know if I can handle many more elephants on my chest playing cards. Especially, if they change the game to Hearts! Thanks again for all of your prayers, concerns and love. I remain uplifted by all the encouragement. Please continue to keep Chris Disantis in your prayers as well as Michelle Davis and family of Mrs. Jacqueline Davis... Love Never Fails...❤️

Still grateful!

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