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So, what happened was...

On January 16th or 17th I was speaking to a musician friend I was recording with the previous week. He told me to not come by for a week because he had a bad cold and that his colds usually only lasted a week. Cool, no worries. By the 18th I was coughing up gunk from my lungs. On Tuesday January, 19th I was driving myself to Cleveland Clinic ER with a high grade fever and productive cough. I was placed on 3 liters of oxygen and given a Covid test. The Doctor returned to my ER bed about an hour later. He said “ If you’re wondering why I’m standing so far away it’s because you tested positive for Covid“. What????!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was admitted to a Cardiac/Covid isolation floor. My musician friend texted me a couple of days later to say he was feeling better. I asked him if he tested for Covid. He said he had not because he didn’t have signs...hmmmm? 🤔. I told him to test because I had tested positive. He didn’t want to pay the money to be tested. He did test, however, and it came back positive. I had been admitted to the hospital without my specialty medication for Cardiac Amyloid. The specialty department couldn’t refill it without me going home which added another dimension to my discharge. I was discharged from Cleveland Clinic on the following Friday. January 29th. Although I was still having trouble breathing, the attending physician wanted to D/C me without O2. He thought I would depend upon it too much....what??? Long story short, the oxygen arrived when I got home. Which was fortunate for me. By the time I was able to sit down, my pulse/oxygen monitor read 71% and I was gasping for air. Currently, my vision is blurred and I continue to see double which makes it difficult to blog. I wanted to get something out everyone to at least let you know part of what happened. I love you....More to come...

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